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Two Dimensional High Resolution Motility Mapping
in the isolated Feline Duodenum: Methodology and Initial Results.

Wim J. E. P.  Lammers, S. Dhanasekaran, John R Slack and Betty Stephen.

Neurogastroenterology & Motility 13, 309-323, 2001

General Information

The following thumbnails provide the links to download Realplayer movies. In each movie the orientation of the small intestine is the same; the right side of the screen is oral and the left side is caudal. Downloading time is very much dependent on the type of connection you have with internet (for example; ISDN line will download in a few seconds; a 56K modem will take about 10-15 minutes). After downloading, the files need to be unzipped after which they can be played with RealPlayer (freely available on www.real.com)

Example 1:
25 Grid
zipped (1.9 MB)

(47.3 pixels/mm)

Example 2:
25 Grid
zipped (1.6 MB)

25_Dots- II location
(47.3 pixels/mm)

Example 3:
71 Grid

zipped (1.8 MB)

(21.2 pixels/mm)

Example 4:
71 Grid with Verapamil
zipped (1.8 MB)

(21.2 pixels/mm)

Example 5:
Before impalement with needle
zipped (1.8 MB)


Example 6:
With needle impaled in centre
zipped (1.8 MB)


Example 7:
Movie clip showing propagation

zipped (1.7 MB)

(32 pixels/mm)


Technical Information:

These movies were recorded with a Sony Digital Handycam (Sony DCR-TRV10E PAL), and every 1 min take was stored in PC in .AVI format, compressed with cinepak video codec (Adobe Premiere) and converted into .RM format using RealProducer. Original screen size was 720 x 576. Final screen size was 640 x 480 pixels.

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