last updated: 23 April, 2016

Electrode Page 2
This page displays several additional sets of mapping electrodes that have been constructed and used over the years in the lab.   


Dental Brush . 240 electrodes (24 x 10; 2 mm inter-electrode distance) with electrode tips flush with the electrode array (successor of the Betty1 brush). Called "dental" because the electrode tip surface is filled with dental cement. Made by Atiq Al Wahab and used extensively in canine gut mapping.


Mini Electrodes. These are very small electrode arrays consisting of 1, 2 or 4 rows of 16 electrodes glued together. Two diameters have been used (330 and 100 microns), resulting in very small arrays. Made by Atiq Al Wahab 2005/2006.


Needle Electrode. One mini electrode array described above was inserted in the shaft of a needle for transmural recordings (Atiq Al Wahab 2005/2006).


Cone electrode. 128 electrode tips stick out inside the cone meant to be used to map the ovary pole of the guinea-pig pregnant uterus (Atiq Al Wahab 2004)


Spoon electrode. Array of 240 electrodes arranged in a circle (inter-electrode distance 2.5 mm) to map the propagation in canine stomach (made by Jan Hollen already in 1991!).

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