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Lars Thuneberg, over the years, recorded in his lab beautiful videos of ICC and smooth muscle cell cultures. Most of these recordings were from explant of isolated muscularis externa from newborn mice. Occasionally, within 1-2 days, solitary cells would grow out of these explants which were recorded by Lars. Several of these tapes have now been digitized and saved on DVD. Software was developed that can track the spontaneous movements seen in Lars' movies. All this is described in a paper (accepted in The Anatomical Record). We attach here a few examples of this work.



Jan D. Huizinga, Wim JEP Lammers, Hanne B. Mikkelsen, Yaohui Zhu and Xuan-Yu Wang. Toward a concept of stretch-coupling in smooth muscle: a thesis by Lars Thuneberg on contractile activity in neonatal interstitial cells of Cajal. The Anatomical Record 293, 1543-1552, 2010.


The following thumbnails provide the links to play and download movies (QuickTime player):

video 1; ICC

(figures 4, 5 and 6A)

video 2: smooth muscle cell

(figure 6B)

video 3: ICC network

(figure 7A)


QuickTime (10 MB)

zipped (12 MB)



QuickTime (10 MB)

zipped (12 MB)



QuickTime (8.1 MB)

zipped (7.8 MB)

video 4: ICC network

(figure 7B)


video 5:

dying cell?

video 6:

cellular trafic?


QuickTime (8.7 MB)

zipped (7.9 MB)



QuickTime (6.5 MB)

zipped (6.1 MB)


QuickTime (2.2MB)

zipped (2.1 MB)

    Video 6 is not really a 'tracked' video but I noticed, when playing this at a faster speed, considerable cellular activity. In the original VHS recordings, I noticed that Lars was recording and looking at this scene for a long time.

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