last updated: 23 April, 2016



Technical Details on the creation of the Pendular Movies.

The Pendular Movies were constructed by assembling different pictures and movie frames together into a new movie, frame after frame.

A realBasic program was written for this task. As shown in the accompanying diagram, the original movie of the experiment was imported and an area selected (A). This area was copied frame by frame in the lower part of the new movie. In addition, a diagram of the preparation (B), some additional text and a title were plotted onto each frame.

At the top of the new frame, a diagram of the slow wave tracings, spanning exactly the time of the movie, was also plotted (C). In order to 'animate' the slow waves, a white mask was placed on top of the slow wave diagram that was incrementally pulled away in each new frame.

While constructing the movie, because of its large size (sometimes exceeding 1 GB), the movie was immediately compressed with Sorento-8 compressor. This reduced the size to acceptable values (typically 3-5 MB). Although the finished product can run on a Quicktime player, stuffing the file mysteriously destroyed the movie header, making it un-playable. Therefore, I first, in QuicktimePro player, exported the movie into a regular Quicktime movie before stuffing. This unfortunately decreased the quality and increased its size to about 10-30 MB. If someone knows how to 'finish' the original movie, I would appreciate that very much. From there I also exported to AVI format (with a Cinepak compressor) so that the movies can also be played with RealPlayer or with MultiMedia.

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