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Softwares available from Smoothmap.org:

The following links provide downloads for softwares that were developed in my lab. If you have any questions or problems, please let



But, first, please read the following warning:

You are running these softwares at your own risk. Although I have tried to develop this software as best as I can, there are certainly bugs and mistakes in the subroutines. I have discovered many of those but there are undoubtedly several left. If you discover a problem, an inconsistency, plain errors or malfunctions, let me know and I will do my best to resolve these. Nevertheless, it must be clear that the use of this software, the data derived from it, the ensuing analysis and the potential conclusions are not my responsibility but reside fully and unequivocally with the user.

Wim Lammers, April 11, 2010


SWpropagationSim (3.0 version November 28, 2010):

This is a program (written in realBASIC) that simulates the propagation of a wave (such as the slow wave) in a 1- or 2-dimensional grid. It is a simple cellular automaton where certain rules can be applied. In addition, cells can be blocked from propagation either at specific locations and specific durations or randonly distributed. This program was extensively used in the following, submitted, paper. The program only works on a Macintosh platform (OS X 10.4 or higher).

Slow wave propagation and ICC plasticity in the small intestine of diabetic rats by Lammers et al (submitted)

SWpropagationSim.rar (2.1 MB)


MotilityMap 3.3 (latest version February 24, 2013):

This program makes it possible to track 'dots' or borders from QuickTime video files. I have developed and used this program extensively in the last five years or so and have publised several papers with it. It is very much a lab tool and contains many unfinished routines, bugs etc. It can also be modified without prior notice depending upon requests from my own lab or from others. It works only on a Macintosh platform (OS system 10.4 or higher). This program is written in REALbasic.

NEW warning (dd. June 7 2016): I just discovered that MotilityMap does not work properly on Mac's with a retina interface!! For some reason, the tracking of dots from the screen is disabled in the latest Mac's.

Below is a list of downloadable files: MotilityMap3.0, the demo movie, the manual (in .doc and .docx format) and a folder containing the supporting files. Several of these have been zipped and 'stuffed' to protect them during downloading:

MotilityMap 3.0 (zip) (4.3 MB)

Motility Map 3.0 (sit) (3.9 MB)

MouseDistended.mov (demo movie) (1.5 MB)

MouseDistended.mov.sit (demo movie zipped)(1.4 MB)

MouseDistended.mov.stuf (demo movie stuffed)(1.4 MB)

Manual 3.0 (Word .docx) (6.7 MB)

Manual 3.0 (Word .doc) (6.9 MB)

Supporting Files (zip) (20 KB)

Supporting Files (sit) (16 kb)





SmoothMap303(version February 9, 2009)

This is the program, written in Delphi, that I use to mark electrograms and display these on maps etc. This is very much a lab instruments with warts and all. It reflects quite a jumble of (new and old) routines, developments, and aborted attempts.

For this version (303 and higher), I have written and included an import unit that supports the import of text files for other labs. This now includes the format for three collaborators; Auckland, Manchester and Nashville. I have 'customized' SmoothMap303 for each of these three labs. The application is identical, but when you click on 'Open File' then your lab will already have been selected.

Each link downloads a zipped file containing the .exe and a small text folder (NewMatrixFolder) that has to be installed in the C drive.


SimST v 1.2 (latest version November 9, 2005):

This is a program (written in realBASIC) that simulates the creation of spatio-temporal maps. It does this by simulating contractions that occur, propagate, and oscillate in a virtual intestinal segment. The user can vary several parameters, thereby producing different contraction patterns and creating different ST maps. A short manual of the program is included. This program was extensively used in the following paper.

Lammers WJ, Cheng LK. Simulation and analysis of spatio-temporal maps of gastrointestinal motility.

Biomed Eng Online. 2008 Jan 14;7(1):2




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