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Origin and propagation of the slow wave in the canine stomach: the outlines of a gastric conduction system

Wim J.E.P. Lammers, L. Ver Donck, B. Stephen, D. Smets, and J.A.J. Schuurkes

Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiology 2009; Jun 296(6); G1200-G1210

With the following thumbnail and links you can play or download an animation of the normal propagation of the slow wave in the stomach. As in previous animations, each red square indicates the location and timing of a slow wave. The red squares are dimmed in 4 seconds.

The animations are presented in Quicktime format. The Quicktime files can be played with QuickTime player. The zip files also contain the movie which can be downloaded and "unzipped".

Animated Map

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Figure 8

normal slow wave propagation in the stomach

(63 seconds)

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