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Origin and propagation of individual slow waves along the intact feline small intestine.

Wim J.E.P. Lammers and B. Stephen

Experimental Physiology 93: 334-346, 2008

The following three figures provide the links to play and download animations (Quicktime). The animations are in Quicktime format and are also available in zipped format. Downloading time is very much dependent on the type of connection you have with internet (for example; ISDN line will download in a few seconds to minutes; a 56K modem will take longer). After downloading, the zipped files need to be unzipped and can then be played with the QuickTime player.

Normal Slow Wave propagations
QuickTime (7.6 MB)

zipped (5.9 MB)


Slow Wave propagations after applying one ligature

Slow Wave propagations in high calcium

QuickTime (1.4 MB)

zipped (1.1 MB)


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